Baltimore, and Why You Should Definitely Come Over

Baltimore, and Why You Should Definitely Come Over

November 17, 2020 Karl 0

When it comes to historical cities, you will have places like Boston where the Boston Tea Party happened, or Philadelphia where the declaration of independence was signed. But you can never leave out Baltimore City among the most historical cities in America. The city is the actual birthplace where the National Anthem was made, yes, “The Star Spangled Banner” was made in Fort McHenry, and sits at the mouth of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. And there is more to this city than that!

But speaking of harbors, Baltimore is actually a major city in Maryland, due to its important role as a seaport. Throughout years, millions of supplies have been received in these ports and are still actively receiving them as well.

But of course, you’re not here for a history lesson, so here are the main reasons as to why you should definitely come over to Baltimore City. 

The Atmosphere is Friendly and Accepting. 

What I mean by accepting, is that for example, when you visit a city and are  trying to make some new friends, the first thing they would ask you is “What do you do?” As if that is an important thing to know when you first meet someone. But in Baltimore, the first thing they will ask you is “What do you like to do?” And that already speaks volumes as to how accepting the community is in the city. 

It is an overall friendly atmosphere where you feel like you can really just be yourself without anyone judging you by your career choices and whatnot. Here, you’ll feel a lot more accepted and that is an amazing experience in itself already! 


Baltimore city is actually also known as Charm City. And one of the reasons why it is that way, is because of the various and colorful architecture that is present in the city! This brings the city to life in various ways and can really show just how beautiful it is. Which is why it’s called Charm City.

And though modern architecture is one that is sure to capture your hearts, the past buildings as well are seen as a staple as to how Baltimore was way ahead of other cities when it came to architecture. So when you’re in town, don’t forget to appreciate your surroundings as well!

The Active Art Scene. 

Thanks to institutions like Maryland Institute College of Art and the Baltimore School of Arts, the art scene in the city has been kept alive and well running! They have been a staple reason as to why people who have a passion for art flock over to the city and are actually staying! So public murals, art, live and local bands, and other types of art are pretty much everywhere!

And that’s not all! When it comes to free art, Baltimore is the capital city! Yes, in Charm City you will have unlimited access to free art all around the city. With festivals like Artscape, you’ll find art that you might have never even heard of! It is an artists wonderland to be in Baltimore City, whether it be painting, drawing, song, or whatever, Charm City is the City for all artists.


History is not the only thing that Baltimore is well known for. It is a beautiful city with some of the best and most hospitable people you will ever meet! And more than the people, the city itself is quite beautiful to behold. So when you’re looking to skyrocket your art career, or want to admire beautiful architecture, or even learn more about history, then Charm City is the place just for you!

Top 4 Things to Do in Chicago.

Top 4 Things to Do in Chicago.

October 30, 2020 Karl 0

The Windy City, Chicago is among the most famous cities in America. Whether it is because you watched Michael Jordan when you were a kid or you saw that amazing and unique Chicago style pizza on TV. The Windy City has a lot in store for anybody willing to travel here. It’s all just a matter of what you’ll do first.

A hop on and off bus tour. 

For your first day, it would probably be great for you to know the place first. By getting on a bus tour, you’ll be able to have a great feel for the city and its people. And it would also be a great way for you to have a general idea as to where you want to start sightseeing as well. So a hop on and off bus tour would be the best way for you to go.

The Shedd Aquarium. 

And for the first stop, if you have kids with you then it would be a great idea to take them to one of the city’s biggest aquariums, the Shedd Aquarium. With over 32,000 different species, you’re bound to find one of your favorite animals floating around in one of the tanks here. From sea otters speeding through the aquarium, to the frogs with special environments for them to thrive, this place has it all, and it’s just waiting for you to explore it.

Adler Planetarium. 

Once you’ve had your fill of the different underwater species, try to look up into the stars from the Adler Planetarium. This pace is open to everybody with a free pass to every show and activity you’d want to do. It has a museum for all those who want to learn more about our universe. A theater for those who want to know and feel what it’s like to traverse the stars. And a research center, for those who want to take their curiosity to the next level. The Adler Planetarium is a place for all space lovers!

Lincoln Park Zoo.

So now that we’ve gone to the deepest of oceans, and the vast majority of space, how about we take a look back down and see the different animals that inhabit this great land with us? The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the USA. Meaning, here you’ll be able to find just about any land animal you’re hoping to see. From lizards crawling around the ground to Polar Bear swimming in the cold water, the Lincoln Park Zoo is definitely not a place to miss out on.


And there you have it,  just a taste of the wonders that Chicago can bring to you. A city where you can almost feel its roots, the people who are always so lively and about. The Windy City is bound to blow anyone away, be it tourists or the people living there too. So if you’ve got the chance, drop by and grab a slice of some unique Chicago based pizza.