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6 Best National State Parks in the United States

September 1, 2020 Karl 0

There are tons of parks all over the US, and most of the time it’s hard to determine which ones are actually worth going to. So, to help you out, this article has compressed the 6 Best State Parks that every person should definitely visit. 

Yellowstone Park 

The most famous park in the US, Yellowstone park is at the top of this list because of the popularity it has garnered throughout the globe because of its stunningly beautiful setting. With breathtaking peaks and stunning lakes, it stands at the top of State Parks to be visited by everyone. The 3000 square mile park is filled with mountains, geysers, waterfalls, and canyons, so just by that the sight is already one to withhold. 

Sequoia National Park 

In this park, the main feature comes from the name itself. There is an abundance of Sequoia trees; the biggest and oldest trees in the world. Imagine standing beside some of the most ancient beings to ever be on this earth, it would be an extraordinary feeling. And this park has more to offer than prehistoric trees. There are even rugged peaks, jaw-dropping canyons, challenging hiking trails, and plentiful wildlife for everyone to immerse themselves in. 

Glacier National Park 

A common name for most hikers, this park sits at the border between Canada and America and is perfectly nicknamed as the “Crown of the Continent”. With it being having remnants of glaciers from the ice age, this park has a sight to behold. The cool, and calming breeze of the air, the variety of trails from easy hikes such as Trail of the Cedars to difficult climbs like the Grinnell Glacier. This park will leave you breathless, quite literally. 

Zion National Park

Derived from the famous mountain of divinity, Zion National Park lives up to its name with its heavenly setting and blessed view. But the real beauty of this canyon shines when the sun is either rising or setting, because of how the light illuminates the apricot colored Zion canyon. And more than that, once the night settles in, the sky would project some of the brightest stars anyone will see. Finally, once you’ve finished your trip to heaven, the long drive back will be more than enough to fully absorb the beauty you had just witnessed.  

Arches National Park 

Have you ever thought what it would be like to be in Mars? Well, believe it or not, there is one here on Earth, and it’s called Arches National Park. In this park, you’ll be able to  witness astounding sandstone arches, eye widening red rocks, and unbelievable natural arrangement of landforms. And with the way the shadows around this canyon can play out, every photographer would want a piece of it no doubt. Along with the stunning landform this park has to offer, there are several hiking trails anyone can take part in as well. 

Acadia National Park

To satisfy that inner pioneer you have, Acadia National Park has the perfect setting for you. With rough and grounded trails everywhere, it will always feel like you are the first to see a new route, find a hidden trail, or to see an amazing view. This park has everything you need to satisfy that adventurous side of you and will bring out the inner rugged and sturdy person inside of you. And to compliment this breathtaking experience, the wildlife is sure to keep you company wherever you may be.