Proper Techniques for Moving Furniture and Boxes

how to move boxes properly


Moving can be tricky, especially if you have to do it on your own. Improper lifting techniques can cause serious injuries, which isn’t what we want at all. Of course you can always hire companies like movers in Fort Wayne to help you out. If not, here is how to properly move furniture and boxes.

How to Lift Heavy Objects:

  • Establish a steady base: If you don’t plant your feet properly you could seriously injure your back. Make sure you plant your feet at shoulder width and mind your posture.
  • Practice your posture: When lifting, keep your shoulders back, back straight and look straight ahead. This will help you avoid any back injuries that may delay the moving process.
  • Bend the knee: You’ve probably heard this piece of advice at least a hundred times, but that’s because it’s super effective. You’re least like to put any unnecessary strain on your back if you bend your knees when you lift something.
  • Grip the object tight: The last thing you would want to happen is to drop a box of dumbells on your foot. Make sure your hold on the box or furniture you’re lifting is secure to avoid dropping anything. It would be terrible to have broken foot in the middle of a move.
  • Keep the items close to your body: When lifting anything heavy, keep it close to your waist area to ensure that you’re distributing the weight evenly. This will help keep your body stable when you’re moving any furniture or boxes to the moving truck. 
  • Avoid twisting: When you’re carrying furniture or a box, it’s better to turn your whole body with your feet rather than twisting or bending your back. You could hurt yourself if you do this and it will be much more difficult to move if you’re injured.
  • Keep your movements smooth and slow: Take your time in walking when you’re moving heavy furniture. The last thing you need is run into someone and cause twice as many accidents. Make sure to keep watch over people who are walking opposite to you to avoid any collision.

Key Takeaways:

Moving doesn’t have to be difficult if you ask for some help from friends. However, it’s important to prepare yourself because this can be a strenuous task and if done wrong can cause some injuries. Here is how to properly move furniture and boxes from home.